Arguably one of the most expensive Grands Prix to attend on race weekend, but it's an open town, right? I can just find a way around it...

Christian Kryl documented the somewhat dystopian reality of the Monaco Grand Prix in a series of photos that is waiting for those who do not own a ticket on the weekend.

While the Thursday Free Practices are free to watch from the "General Admission" areas (i.e. high upon minor streets, sitting on rocks on the side of Monte Carlo and nearby roads), even these could cost you anywhere from €70 on Saturday and Sunday.

Those not owning tickets are to meet tall metal walls, peeking through the gaps between, which - ironically - is somewhat reminiscent of the makeshift brothels and peep show booths that made the Hungaroring a laughing stock around the turn of the Millenium.


Although if you're backpacking and are there for the atmosphere, it might still worth it - not as if €70 mattered as much if you travelled from far away anyway. Common knowledge says the party around the tracks are always better than the action on the strip, which is why F1 venues should have more infield camping areas as many NASCAR ovals do - making it a genuine social bonding experience.

Are you peeking somewhere next season?