The Freak Show of Formula 1

What you are seeing is an actual concept presented by Ferrari at a strategy group meeting. They were not the only ones, with Mercedes and Red Bull presenting their own visions of how the car needs to evolve, but these teams neglected the chance to generate debate by not releasing said images.

"My own view is that we should actually commission stylists to create what a new F1 car should look like...It should be something where a child is absolutely itching to grab it and go 'zoom, zoom'...It has to be futuristic - and then what we will do is reverse engineer the regulations, so that the rules give birth to that car, whatever that car looks like." -Ron Dennis, McLaren


As it is a mere concept I'm not going to go into detail on its aerodynamic and power train elements. But what Ferrari are bidding in a way is for a simplistic F1 car. Note that the double decker wing gets rid of the heavy design elements of now a days, the tires are fat and big, and the rear wing is a simple element as well.

As the sport debates its raise to 1,000 + bhp, we already know that the 18 inch rims and a generic active suspension is in the works for the near future. Now changing the looks of the car over night would be an expensive endeavor which probably half the grid could not afford and as such the concept has been presented with a push to change the way the cars look by 2020.

In my opinion, the car looks like a Indy car,LMP1 hybrid. It is not all bad, and I wouldn't be against a radical evolution of the current crop of cars. With dwindling TV figures I'm at least glad even the conservative teams are vying to attract new audiences and revive the hype of the category.


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