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The Freak Show of Formula 1
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Rumor Mill: 2016 could see two American F1 Teams

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We already know HAAS F1 will be joining the circus in 2016, but with slots left on the grid or existing teams looking for further backing, there is a chance that a group of US investors might join in next year as well.


Manor F1’s financial woes have been well documented, with them being granted special permission to run an update 2014 chassis. With Haas becoming the 11th team on the grid next year, Manor, at least has a U$ 40 million prize money guaranteed until 2017. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize money of the constructor standing, you must finish in the top ten for two year in a three year period. And that is if Haas F1 runs trouble free from the get go, which by judging from past efforts, is very hard to achieve.

So who are these individuals looking to buy out an existing team? Heading the group we have James Carney, a New York financier and the cowboy, Tavo Hellmund. If you have been following closely the F1 news, you might recall the duo, who put forth the F1 GP at Circuit of the Americas as well as getting Mexico back in the calendar for 2016.


I could not be happier, as the potential 2nd American entry would bring new sponsors and keep a team on the grid for longer. I do hope such a rumor materializes, for a bit of friendly and local competition will only push these two harder to join the rest of the pack.

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