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[Must Read] A Narrative of the 1994 Race at Imola

As part of a series remembering the horrific events of Imola 20 years ago, F1 Fanatic is posting a narrative of the tragic events leading up to two very unfortunate deaths. For someone who was not old enough to remember the events, the narrative style of writing does well to put the reader in the scene over a traditional historical recount.

Today in 1994: The Crash Seen Around the World

In the Benetton hospitality suite, a weeping Schumacher initially told his manager Willi Weber he did not want to race any more. But when the call to resume the race was given, all the drivers bar Comas returned to the grid.

The cars headed around the track on another formation lap. Twice they passed the places where their comrades had fallen – the scarred wall where Ratzenberger had crashed, the bloodstained ground where Senna's car came to a stop.


[F1 Fanatic]

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