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[Must Read] A Narrative of Ratzenberger's Death

As part of a series remembering the horrific events of Imola 20 years ago, F1 Fanatic is posting a narrative of the tragic events leading up to two very unfortunate deaths. For someone who was not old enough to remember the events, the narrative style of writing does well to put the reader in the scene over a traditional historical recount.

F1 Fanatic - Today in 1994: Roland Ratzenberger's Death Stuns F1

For the second time that weekend, Professor Sid Watkins and the medical crew scrambled to the accident scene. The situation was obviously very serious: Ratzenberger was slumped at the wheel of his car and the impact had gouged a hole in the cockpit. Brabham took one glance at his team mate as he passed by and immediately wished he hadn't. "I think he's gone," he told his wife when he returned to the pits.

Silence fell across the circuit. Television cameras zoomed in pitilessly on the scene as a doctor tried in vain to resuscitate the driver.


[F1 Fanatic | image via Motorsportrants]

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