The Freak Show of Formula 1
The Freak Show of Formula 1
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Montoya on Fixing F1

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Normally I have a hard time swallowing any comments from JP Montoya on F1. but quite frankly, he nailed it in a recent interview when he was asked how he would fix part of the problem in F1.

If you take away the tyre sensors, the temperature sensors, and just leave the pressures, the racing will get better by 10 per cent straight away. I’m certain of that.

The driver is now lazy. There’s no feel. They see [the temperature] is too much they back off the pace. Look at the tyres, back off the pace, look at the brakes, back off the pace. If you take all that away it becomes a feel thing again. If you drive it too hard you’re going to wear the tyres off the car...The driver and the team just have too much information. It’s OK to have the information in practice, but that information shouldn’t be there in the race for the drivers. It’s got to be a feel thing. Also it will mean that you will start to see the talented people coming through.”


If you ask me, he is right. All that extra info is just forcing the drivers to get the car home. Remember Alonso screaming to his engineer like a little kid, “I don’t want to safe fuel for later, I want to race now (not exact words, but feeling).” Best of all, such a measure could be implemented almost immediately. Mixed in with the degrading Pirellis, we could en up with a much bigger mix in the grid.

Montoya also supports the current hybrid turbo V-6 formula and sort of recognizes the lack of noise issue.


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