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Kimi's 2014 Struggles

During the race weekend in Shanghai, in one of the practice sessions (if I remember correctly - may have been qualifying), I heard one of the commentators mention a very interesting fact that may be partly the blame of some of Kimi's struggles this year.

In the races he started last year, no one had more podium finishes than Räikkönen other than Vettel (Alonso also had 8 through 17 races). No wonder Ferrari were quick to scoop him up!


He's clearly struggled this season, however; no one is certain exactly why, and he's gotten plenty of questions about it, and given plenty of answers. After Australia:

"It is just mainly set-up, to get the car as I like it to run, how I need to have it.…

After Shanghai:

"I don't think I work the tyres very hard. So obviously when it's cool conditions and wet conditions it's been many years that it's been hard to get the tyres working. Today it just feels that when you have a new tyre it works well until the grip from the new tyres goes away and obviously you have to go slower and then you start cooling down the tyres more. Everything goes round and round and you cannot fix that. I reckon it's more to do with that."


This give us some insight, but the commentator this past weekend made a brief mention of something else, that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. He'd noticed that in a couple of the tighter corners, Kimi was carrying more speed through the corners and braking considerably less than most of his fellow drivers, trying to "drift" through a bit more (makes sense with his rally background). This, in turn, was charging the batteries less fully than the other driver's cars, so that he had less power available to him for "torque-fill" when getting back on the throttle out of the corner. The comment stood out to me, especially since a trait that's generally positive (needing to brake less, being able to carry speed) could end up being a negative with the current cars' engine setup.


What say you, FFreaks? Is the commentator on to something here, or was his hypothesis way off base?

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