The Freak Show of Formula 1

With 2015 coming to a close, we already have some great news for 2016 and hopefully Santa, will judge the F1 boys to have been good this year with further surprises, as we begin to look ahead to the 2016 championship.

The Return of a Historic Team


As expected, Renault is set to confirm it’s takeover of Lotus F1, which is great news for the championship. Not only will they get to retain two cars on the grid, but also regain a full time manufacturer. And I’m sure the additional resources that will be dedicated to the sport will benefit it’s competitive nature. I can only hope their engine gains next season are substantial.

Speaking to Autosport, Lotus CEO Matthew Carter had this to say about the season and finally being able to close the deal:

“As far as I’m concerned - and we’ve shown it - we can compete on a budget as well, without the hundreds of millions of pounds from the big boys...It’s testament to the team, to the people at Enstone, that we have been able to do what we have done.”

Hopefully we’ll also end the year or begin the new one with Aston Martin’s confirmation for next season.

The future of F1?


After being delighted by Ferrari’s concept for the future of F1, McLaren have released their own version. Now, I have no quarrel with such concepts as they pump up the hype for the sport. But in all honesty, it would be nicer also to see some concepts that might be more applicable as well as viable.


The fighter jet canopy, is probably the most realistic item on the car (aside from the return of ground effects for 2017), and the one I do hope gets implemented in the near future as it is, from a vanity point of view, the most visually appealing. If I were the FIA, this should be provided as a standard product because it wouldn’t take long for engineers to start experimenting on the aero side with them.


Some of the other technologies proposed by McLaren are as follow:

  • Solar cells on sidepods for supplemental energy
  • Tyre sensors that monitor surface conditions, temperture & wear
  • fighter jet style “avionics” with hud displays (could drivers wear something like those projection helmets that let you see through the plane?)
  • Active Aero, which switches down force configurations
  • Adaptive Targeted Add that can vary by region viewer (think a mobile google adds car)
  • Use of advance fabrics in the drivers suit to display areas of impact, trauma or injury which would assist medical teams in their assesments.

As amazing as some of these sound, they would be financially unavailable to most teams. Also the sponsor liveries would be a thing of the past (think Martini, Gulf, etc) which would be a shame. Though I love the crazy ideas that these concepts put up, I’d also like Sauber or Manor to present their ideas, which would most likely be grounded on what is affordable in the short term.


If you wish to check the full features of the concept or view the full gallery, drive on over to

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