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The Freak Show of Formula 1
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F1nance Snippet: A new Alliance?

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After the bleak news that COTA is bleeding money after a great race but a not so great fan experience due to the inclement weather and the nearby Mexico GP, it is some what nice to hear that there might be a “new” team next season.


Yes, Aston Martin is in talks to take a title sponsorship over Force India. Not a fan of the name myself, it’s great to see the British Marque returning to the grid.

“If the marque comes along and I have to change the team name, I have to look at what it does for the team in terms of profile.

“It’s premature to talk about it now, but we’re talking.

-Force India team principal Vijay Mallya -

Vijay might be being a bit modest here, but it totally makes sense for Aston to take over. It seems like Aston was previously in talks with the likes of Red Bull and Williams. Since Mercedes owns 5% of Aston and will in the future provide it with engines ala Pagani, it makes total sense that they try and capitalize on the dominating Mercedes power unit. Of-coarse we know how the Red Bull/Mercedes talks went, so it would’ve been illogical for Aston to pursue this road. Williams is now a publicly traded company which gave it a nice cash injection, and with Martini as its title sponsor a name change is definitely out of the question. Erasing the Williams from the team name would definitely not be well received either.


Autosport reports that Aston’s takeover would also bring in a livery change, potentially one that is blue and gold courtesy of Johnnie Walker.

The deal would definitely bolster Force India’s finances and resources, and with a nice cash injection from finishing 5th, I could only hope they are challenging for further podiums next year.


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