The Freak Show of Formula 1

Breaking News #2: Verstappen racing for Torro Rosso 2015

Another very interesting development was just announced: Max Verstappen was confirmed to race for Scuderia Torro Rosso, the Red Bull junior team, as soon as next year. Verstappen is driving his first season in a open wheel formula car after success in karting and already won 8 races in the Formula 3 Euro Series, which places him second in the standings. He just signed the Red Bull contract last week and now already is confirmed as the next F1 rookie, making him the youngest F1 driver ever at the age of 16.

This announcement also means that either Vergne or Kwjat are out of jobs at the end of 2014, more likely Vergne as he has been at Torro Rosso for 3 years.


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