The Freak Show of Formula 1
Picture Credit: Ferrari

Despite the team principal Mauro Arrivabene denying the rumors last weekend, Ferrari’s technical director James Allison is indeed leaving the Scuderia. He joined them in early 2014 after a successful stint at Lotus.

The story of Allison leaving is not surprising. Sergio Marchionne was said to be very unhappy with the way the 2016 season panned out so far, and in classic Ferrari CEO tradition he’d make heads roll. It took another spin when Allison’s wife died surprisingly this summer. Since then, it was said that he wanted to move back to England to take better care of the kids. Whatever the reason is in the end, Ferrari lost a valuable and knowledgeable member of their technical staff.


James Allison has been working in F1 since 1991, when he joined the Benetton team that went on to become Renault, Lotus and Renault again. His first engagement with Ferrari came in 2000 and lasted until 2005. He moved back to Renault and worked his way up to technical director, a position in which he was the mastermind behind the great Lotus cars of 2012 and 2013. Time will tell if a second return to Renault is the next chapter of his career.

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