I haven't gone into a rant for a while now because I've been trying to become more professional in my writing, but reading Autosport today just put me in the position of needing to rant. The title of Autosport's article was "Formula 1 teams considering in-season testing ban to reduce costs." Now in season testing just came back to F1 this season, and it was seen as a good move especially with these new cars. The need to continually test this new technology is a great asset to teams that have been struggling this year. The article highlights this one part of Formula 1 to segway into the discussion of cost reduction in Formula 1. Personally I think in-season testing is a much needed evil when the sport is evolving this rapidly.

However, the article then goes into a couple other cost reduction ideas that are also on the table. Here is a short list: reduced preseason testing, more overhaul of technical regulations, more sporting regulations, more spec parts throughout the field, restriction in the wind tunnel, and to only test inside Europe.

Some of these have merit, while others show how out of tune with the fan base these teams and the FiA are. Alain Prost came out after the Monaco Grand Prix and said that the FiA and the teams are letting the fans down by not truly explaining themselves enough about the overhaul of the rules and regulations to win fans over.


In the same article, Racing Director of McLaren Eric Boullier said that F1 needs to be careful and not make any crazy decisions. Moving forward all of the decisions must be thought out properly in order to not have those choices actually increase the costs of F1. But he glances over one of the biggest points in making F1 more costly. A loss of fans. At first I was very critical of this season, primarily due to the lack of noise emitting from the cars. But throughout the season I've gotten used to the noise. I still miss the screaming sounds of the V8's, but the new engines aren't completely terrible. Where I have a problem is when they start talking about not racing outside of Europe and increased cost reduction on the cars.

During the last race weekend at Monaco, the Formula 1 feeder series of GP2 ran their race. Supposedly Formula 1 is the pinnacle of design and technology. The best cars in the world. Then why were the GP2 cars 2 secs a lap faster? They are also louder and do it on a quarter of the budget of the F1 teams. And this isn't like I'm comparing apples to salami here. Both are governed by the FiA. Both are open wheel. Both race in the same conditions and same tracks. What is going on!

The FiA has focused so much energy in creating F1 to be a greener place, they have completely missed the mark of what makes Formula 1 so great. The cars and the drivers. I'm tired of seeing all of this talk about cost reduction in the areas that will just make Formula 1 worse. F1 needs to get back to its roots. It needs to again become the pinnacle of design and horsepower. When I went to the race in Austin last season, I called it the Church of Noise and Horsepower. Progress is fine, but progress for the sake of progress is just plain stupid, and more often than not, it fails.


Edit:The racing outside of Europe part was only for testing not actual racing.

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