Cosworth exited Formula 1 with a whimper after making engines correlated with the slower cars down the grid, but they still sell a normally aspirated Formula 1 V8 (or at least something close). Given this discovery, where would choose to put this wonder of an engine?

The Cosworth GPV8 was made to be fitted to a Lotus T125, like the one Top Gear tested, and while the maximum revs only reach around ten thousand rpm, that still puts it close to the current generation of Formula 1 engines that can reach a max of 15k rpm but really only go up to around 12k rpm, only it doesn't have a turbo in the way.

Cosworth GPV8

Engine3.8 Litre 90 Degree V8
Max Revs10,000 RPM
Weight135 Kgs
Max Torque490Nm / 361 ftlbs
Max Power640 bhp (ECU Restricted)

Only problem with the T125 is, if you're a bit fat, you might not fit.

So, I wonder where else Cosworth's near-F1 derived engine could fit?