Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least what we thought was possible.

Discussions and questions are welcomed and encouraged in the comments section below. I try not to repeat thing’s I’ve pointed out previously, but if you’d like to discuss something then go for it!

Mercedes W08

Singapore |

Mercedes front suspension wishbone arm, with split mini winglet.

Ferrari SF70H

Singapore |

SF70H front wing from behind.

Red Bull RB13

Singapore |

Red Bull have arrived in Singapore with a copy (that Seb also noticed and pointed out after Quali) of Ferrari’s outer sidepod bargeboards.


Force India VJM10

Singapore | @AlbertFabrega

What is this, Time Attack? I count 6 elements on Force India’s T-wing.

Singapore | @AlbertFabrega

Force India have also arrived with a spine of tiny vanes running the length of their shark fin. These vanes all seem to be directing the wind down, so wouldn’t that just increase lift? I believe these vanes energize the cleaner air down to be worked by their heavy-set T-wing shown above

Singapore | F1Fanatic

Renault RS17

Singapore |

Renault sure have a large steering wheel compared with, say Mercedes.

Sauber C36

Singapore |

Sauber with 2 Oval T-wings, one above and one below, just like the Williams.

Singapore |

Sauber have also brought their lower shark fin to Singapore

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