With the green movement on the rise, it forced the FIA to mandate smaller engines and paltry fuel flow for F1 cars this season. So, everyone then complained about the lack of noise, lack of power and said things about the sport that would make a nun blush. Everyone has good points, yes F1 should try to force new innovations in power and green technology, but they're doing it wrong. So, what should be done about F1?

It's simple, we kill the batman, switch to biofuels. Force teams to create fuels that burn clean yet provide good energy. Now you have some of the highest budgets and some of the best brains in the world developing the next generations of alternative fuels. The oil producing countries that are providing money for F1 can become leaders for green tech and keep their money after we run out of oil. So, what say you? And what are these guys in white coats doing with that straight jacket?