F1 Commission Rejects Alternate F1 Engine Because of Course They Would

The alternate power unit, consisting of a 2.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 with no fuel limits, that would compete with the current single-turbocharged 1.6 liter V6 with energy recovery has been rejected by the F1 Commission, but the expected setback may be just a scrap of clag on the FIA’s radar. »Tuesday 9:16pm11/24/15 9:16pm

Say Howdy, Get Rowdy: US Grand Prix Debrief

Formula 1 doesn’t have the highest appreciation in the US. The scandalous race at Indianapolis rightfully felt like a scam to the crowd and ruined the sport’s image. This weekend could have been just as bad: very few laps in the one practice session, a pole position shootout with no final showdown and fans getting… »10/25/15 6:42pm10/25/15 6:42pm

Come Hang Out With Us At Jalopnik's Austin F1 Party On Friday, Oct. 23!

It’s that time of the year again, which means that many of you will be descending upon Austin to watch the Formula One United States Grand Prix. This Friday evening, you should come party with us at Posse East. The queso is warm, the beer is cold and perhaps most importantly: the patio will be dry.
»10/22/15 7:13am10/22/15 7:13am

[Must Watch] Mosley and Ecclestone talk about the current state of F1

According to the description, this is the first double interview between the former FIA boss and the current head of FOM. The old duo, in their heyday self-described by Ecclestone as “the Mafia”, talk about engines, cutting costs and the politics of F1. Ecclestone then compares Mosley and Todt in their leadership… »10/19/15 1:12pm10/19/15 1:12pm