Totally nuts: Jenson Button to join Top Gear?

In a recent article, I contemplated Jenson Button’s possible departure from McLaren-Honda. What the British press is trying to tell you is another level of speculation: he’ll join Top Gear and become one of the moderators alongside Chris Evans. This can’t be true. It just... I mean... what? » 7/29/15 6:55am Wednesday 6:55am

Technically Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix

Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least… » 7/25/15 9:04pm 7/25/15 9:04pm

Hungarian GP: Your Pre-Race Briefing

Some venues possess the ability to create movement in the power ranking of F1 teams. Sometimes it’s due to the layout, sometimes it’s the weather. The Hungaroring, located outside of beautiful Budapest, combines both into one already traditional GP. Get prepared for the race in our review of Qualifying and the… » 7/25/15 4:08am 7/25/15 4:08am

The Historic's Team Conundrum: Renault F1 edition

It’s no new headline that Renault have been evaluating a return as a full time invested team. Neither is it new that after dominating 2010-2013 they have endured 2 painful seasons, with Red Bull leading the charge against its once biggest ally. Unfortunately, rather than history or tradition, things have boiled down… » 7/23/15 11:49am 7/23/15 11:49am

The Great Debate Over What Formula 1 Should Be

As time moves onward and governments clamp down on combating climate change the debate over the Formula of Formula 1 will become more divisive as the manufacturers tied to the sport each clamor for different things. Let’s break down the debate so we as fans can start to agree on what we want from the future Formula 1. » 7/22/15 10:00pm 7/22/15 10:00pm

#CiaoJules - witness F1 pay their Respects to Bianchi 

After the sad but sadly not entirely surprising news of Jules Bianchi’s death, his funeral is taking place in his hometown Nice, in the beautiful Cathedral Sainte-Réparate. Everyone involved in F1 that possibly could be there made an appearance. His coffin was carried into the cathedral by Hülkenberg, Vettel, Button,… » 7/21/15 6:35am 7/21/15 6:35am

Man Rebuilds 2007 Honda F1 Car for Track-Day Use

A British F1 fan and weekend racer recently bought Rubens Barrichello’s 2007 Honda RA107 at auction for £37,000. The Honda F1 chassis was bought with many of the unobtanium parts included, but he is now taking to the internet for help in fully restoring his new toy to near-hairsplitting performance. » 7/12/15 7:17pm 7/12/15 7:17pm

Rumours gaining traction: is Lotus about to become Renault F1?

Something has to change for Renault in F1. Currently, they are being regularly beaten up verbally by someone wearing Red Bull branded clothing. Before, when their V8s were powering Vettel from championship to championship, nobody seemed to notice them. And if Carlos Ghosn demands change, it’ll be drastic. » 7/03/15 6:37am 7/03/15 6:37am