Formula Oppo: The MGM Grand GP of The Old Monte Carlo Plant

Welcome to the 6th round of the second season of the first Oppositelock F1 fantasy selection game known the world over as Formula Oppo! This week we’re heading on down to where the old money meets the new money and the house still takes it all. That’s right folks we’re going to the old Monte Carlo factory on the other… » 5/20/15 1:18pm Wednesday 1:18pm

A look at Max Mosley's budget cap proposal

If you were a McLaren or Red Bull manager today, the costs/benefit analysis of the F1 program as of now must be horrendous: you spend about 300 million dollars (or more) on building cars to fill up the grid while Mercedes and sometimes Ferrari do their thing up front. So what if losing would cost a bit less? » 5/18/15 6:08am Monday 6:08am

A German's Resilience: Spanish Grand Prix

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a devilishly difficult circuit to overtake on, only enhanced by the 2015 regulations with the circuit’s long sweeping asphalt existing to destroy Pirellis and wash away front wings when chasing down prey; the 2015 Formula 1 Grand Prix was no different. » 5/10/15 11:13am 5/10/15 11:13am

Barcelona GP: Your Pre-Race Briefing

It’s coming home, it’s coming home - F1 is back where it all started, Europe. The GP of Spain, now held exclusively at the Circuit the Catalunya just outside of Barcelona, as always is a great indicator of where F1 teams stand and who is able to challenge whom in the ever so costly developing war. Let’s see how the… » 5/10/15 6:12am 5/10/15 6:12am

Lotus just unveiled a badass marketing tie-in showcar

Lotus F1 is the most likable team in the business. The are always up for a good joke on Twitter, and they also have slap-stick driver Pastor Maldonado under contract. Now the publishers behind Mad Max saw the advertising value and had the side pods painted with advertisement for the movie. The best part is their… » 5/08/15 3:50pm 5/08/15 3:50pm

Formula Oppo: The Banko DeBernie Grand Prix of Pain

Welcome one and all to the 5th round of the greatest fantasy race game in the history of the world, Formula Oppo! This week we head back to the old world from the colonies so that we can pay our taxes! Hooray! Now gib clay or gib gold, actually just please gib gold, because Banko DeBernie requires it so people can… » 5/06/15 10:47am 5/06/15 10:47am