Formula Oppo: The Sunny D Grand Prix of Nope, Nothing Wrong Here

Hello buddies! It is time for a Formula Oppo double header, meaning that due to time restraints, we're gonna keep this one short. Yup, totally nothing wrong here, not a civil war or "religious" nut jobs here, nope, not at all. » 4/13/15 5:32pm 4/13/15 5:32pm

Ferrari Shall Not Fade: Chinese Grand Prix Debrief

Lewis Hamilton, yet again, began the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix from pole at the Shanghai International circuit. In the other Mercedes W06, Nico Rosberg lined up beside his teammate with Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari lurking just behind on the second row of the grid and the Williams splitting those "annoying Ferraris," as… » 4/12/15 1:39pm 4/12/15 1:39pm

Formula Oppo: The Foxconn Grand Prix of Nouveau China

Welcome to the third round of Formula Oppo, the only fantasy Formula One game worth a damn. This week we continue our eastern adventure by heading to communist-capitalist joint clusterfuck known as Nouveau China. But who cares about human rights when the circus comes to town? Right? No? Well fuck you and your concerns… » 4/04/15 6:21pm 4/04/15 6:21pm