F1 Eyes Higher Power and Fatter Rubber to Bring Back "The Show."

It's a verifiable fact that Formula One cars haven't been at their performance peak for quite some time. Around the mid 90's safety became unequivocally paramount and the monsters that precursed this modern era gradually began slowing down. As the cars decreased-pace progressed, their ease of operation increased. The… » 1/16/15 2:45pm 1/16/15 2:45pm

The Penis Nose of F1 in 2014: Why This Was A Thing.

F1 mainstream commentators did their duty in keeping it clean for the kiddies when referring to the mobile innuendos that were attached to the front of many of the Formula One teams' cars for the 2014 season as "anteater" or "finger" shaped. The rest of the adult viewing audience rather quickly drew a different » 12/29/14 11:11pm 12/29/14 11:11pm

The Hater's Guide To F1 Pay Driver Pastor Maldonado

"Pay driver" has become a dirty set of words amongst a a certain group of racing enthusiasts. The term is becoming more and more prevalent along the paddock these days. Some might call this group of enthusiasts "purists," while some others might call them "assholes." Some purists (we'll say for simplicity's sake)… » 12/21/14 7:52pm 12/21/14 7:52pm

Two For One

Two former F1 World Champions working for one constructor... this doesn't happen often. This is more than two guys who have clearly broken enough molds to deserve their own carbon-molded buttocks holders. This is odd. There is a reason, surely, behind the annunciating photographic opportunity being neatly nestled… » 12/13/14 6:51pm 12/13/14 6:51pm

Double Points Dropped for 2015

In a press release issued by the FIA today, Bernie and the gang made it clear what most of us had already decided on our own, doubling the points for the last race of the season was a crummy gimmick that didn't work. The race wasn't made any more dramatic for the feature. What it did do was give a few talking-heads… » 12/04/14 11:55am 12/04/14 11:55am

It looks like the Nürburgring might not be the 2015 German GP venue

Hockenheim and Nürburgring alternate hosting the expensive German GP. It was rumored that the latter would become the sole host when Ecclestone was interested in buying the circuit, but after that deal fell apart all was back to normal. The Ring was mentioned publicly on the official 2015 F1 calendar, right between… » 11/30/14 2:56pm 11/30/14 2:56pm

A few reasons why Vettel/Ferrari could not work out

Sebastian Vettel's choice to leave the whiny, but successful team that brought him into F1 (well, there's an argument to be made for BMW, but that's another topic) for a team that reeks of pathos and legend but has failed to live up to the hype in recent years has been the big news of the offseason. Seb was eager to… » 11/29/14 9:03pm 11/29/14 9:03pm