Disgrace and Excellence - Japanese Grand Prix Debrief

After Nico won yesterday’s qualifying, the two Mercedes drivers had an interesting assignment for the race: they first of all had to strike back after the disaster that was Singapore, at the same time Nico would have to give it all to start a comeback towards a possible championship. The start was decisive.
»9/27/15 4:19am9/27/15 4:19am

This Is The FIA's New Formula 4, Based Right Here In America

When the FIA’s new Verstappen-proof superlicense rules came out for Formula One, America felt just a little shafted. Not too many of the series that go towards superlicense points even run here. Fortunately, the Sports Car Club of America’s Pro Racing arm is about to change that: we’re getting a Formula 4 series! »9/19/15 5:04pm9/19/15 5:04pm

How Does Gene Haas Hope to Compete With A U.S. Return To Formula One Next Season?

This is a Haas EC-1600ZT. It makes 30hp at 10,000 RPM and costs $249,995. Maybe we should be happy Haas F1 is outsourcing a lot of the work for their 2016 Formula One car, America’s first in 30 years. Another race team outsourcing their work doesn’t mean that this isn’t really an American F1 team. What’s more American… »9/17/15 8:45pm9/17/15 8:45pm